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Featured Product: WyreStorm

WyreStorm products have broad applications spanning digital signage, custom install, high-end residential, showrooms, conference and board rooms, exhibition centres, retail store fitouts, sports bars, super yachts, places of worship, airports, hospitals, schools/ colleges, shopping malls sports arenas and stadiums... the possibilities are limitless.

Their product range is equally wide
 to accommodate such diversity and encompasses HD matrices and extenders over single or dual UTP, intelligent user AV control over WiFi and IR, HD splitters, converters, upscalers, professional test equipment, digital signage and more
– all distributing over HDMI, Coax, Cat5e/6/7 and fiber optic and fully compatible with market leading control systems.

All WyreStorm equipment is fully compatible with
any WyreStorm product, meaning the customer is completely free to mix and match different products, ranges and transmission platforms, to provide the right solution for almost any budget or HD distribution application.

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