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Adaptive Sound Masking System – SoftdB


Created in 1996, Soft dB is a company offering specialized services and products in acoustics and vibration. With its multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians, specialized training, and more than 50 years of combined experience in the fields of acoustics and signal treatment, Soft dB offers an expertise recognized in Canada as well as abroad.

Soft dB excels in the following fields:

  • Industrial, architectural acoustic and vibro-acoustic conception
  • Product and software development for signal treatment (DSP)
  • Installation and sale of paging systems and sound masking Smart SMS

Besides satisfying the needs of their clients in the fields of consulting and engineering, Soft dB has developed and marketed specialized products renowned for their quality and pertinence:

  • Sound masking system Smart SMS
  • Signal Ranger DSP board
  • RAP-ONE (Room Acoustic Prediction & Occupational Noise Exposure)
  • Acquisition and Measuring Acoustical System
Sold in more than 15 countries, many prestigious clients have already purchased these products, notably IBM, Bayer, Wyle Laboratories (NASA), HP Chemie Pelzer (Germany), and WSP Akustik (Sweden). Their products represent the mission of their company: excellence, reliability and a very competitive performance-cost ratio.


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